Delivery and Return

How many days is the Return & Exchange process?
Within 7 business days of delivery of the order.


Is the return paid?
All shipping costs for the products you ship within 7 business days on a return request are at our company's expense.


Which Products/Products are not covered by returns?
Return of products that have been decked or destroyed quickly is not accepted. Cosmetic and personal care products, lingerie, swimwear, bikini etc. cannot be returned if they have been tried and broken and used.


Which Products/Products are covered by Returns & Exchange?
Defective products damaged in the cargo or at any stage, products that have been redeemed, items that are not in the desired color or body are included in the immediate return. The product is included in return if it is not liked and used(unlabeled)


How to start the return process?
After you find the order containing the products you want to return, in my account > my orders section, click on the button. You can send any product as a return via the form you receive. If you cannot see the "Create Return Request" button in the my orders section, the return process has ended.


I Created a Return Request on the Website, What Should I Do Now?
You should go to the nearest Yurtiçi Cargo branch and tell them that you want to send the products in collect against


What is the Official Firm Name and Address?
Company Name: Siren Ertan ISTANBUL
Address: Abdi İpekçi Cad Arzu Apt 5/1 Cat.4 D.6 Nişantaşı


Can I send my products with other shipping companies?
The shipping fee for other shipping companies and shipments other than Yurtiçi Cargo is the sender's. The products that are sent with other shipping companies and counter-paid will not be delivered by our company.


I Sent the Products with Yurtiçi Cargo, What Will Happen Now?
In order for the return process to be initiated, the products you have sent must first reach us. Once the products have reached us and the return & exchange request has been approved, the total amount of the products will be defined as "Exchange Points". Once this amount has been defined, you can use your exchange point by creating a new order. If you have requested a refund, the IBAN number you have submitted will be refunded. You can follow all of these processes in My return requests. In addition, non-product returns are not made at the door, such as payment and shipping costs.


How to Refund Orders given by Credit Card?
The credit card or debit card you used to create your order will be returned. If a systemic issue occurs during return, your card identified in the IBAN number you provided will be returned within 15 business days when creating a return request. If the information you have provided is incorrect, the money will be returned to by the bank and is not responsible for this delay, then the same process will be repeated as long as it notifies us with the correct information. Depending on your bank, it may take a few days before you see your refund on your credit or debit card. This process is completely dependent on your bank and has no right to interfere with your bank.


When is the Refund of the Returned Product(s) Made?
After the products reach us, 15 jobs on your credit card or the bank card you provided by after the product has been checked to meet the terms of return. Depending on your bank, it may take a few days for you to see your return on your credit card or debit card. This process is completely dependent on your bank and does not have the right to interfere with your bank.
Why is the Amount Refund in Installments Made in Installments?
The price of the product you purchased in installments is all returned to your credit card, but the refund by your bank is paid back to your credit card in installments.
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